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You are a lone Deep Sea Diver, tasked with finding the root of the mutant curse that plagues the Ocean...blah blah blah. You're just in it for the Pearls! sweet, sweet Pearls. If you're Man enough to get them that is! Or should I say MARINE enough! AHHHHHahahahhhah hahaha ahaa

Fight your way over the Ocean Floor, Blast your Foes with Bubbles, Collect Rare Pearls, Become...Aqua Marine!!!


If the game Controls are Scrolling the Webpage, try expanding the Web Page or click the Full Screen Button on the Bottom Right Corner.

Arrow keys: move/jump/dive
Hold or Press Space: Fire weapon
Numbers 1-4: Select Weapon

Delete key: Restart Game
Home key: Go to first Level
Esc Key: Exit Game

Having trouble Collecting the All the Pearls? Check out the Pearl guide!

Special Thanks to Chronochord for finding awesome sound samples!


Aqua Marine.exe 5 MB
Download 7 MB